Rights & Responsibilities

The rights of public housing residents are as follows:The right to live in decent, safe, and sanitary housing.
The right to have repairs performed in a timely manner, upon request, and to have a quality maintenance program run by the Housing Authority.
The right to be given reasonable notice, in writing, of any non-emergency inspection or other entry into their apartment.
The right to organize as residents without obstruction, harassment, or retaliation.
The right, subject to house rules, to post materials in common areas of their building informing other residents of their rights and of opportunities to involve themselves in resident/management matters.
The right, subject to applicable house rules, to use appropriate common space or meeting facilities to organize or to consider any issue affecting the condition or management of the property.
The right to be recognized by the Housing Authority as having a voice in affairs concerning their residential community.
Complying with the rules and guidelines that govern their dwelling lease.The responsibilities of public housing residents are as follows:To pay the correct amount of rent on a timely basis each month.To provide accurate information to the Housing Authority at the certification or recertification interview to determine their eligibility for assistance, and to consent to the release of information by  third parties to allow for verification.To conduct  themselves in a manner that will not disturb their neighbors.Not to engage in criminal activity in the unit, common area, or grounds of their housing development.To keep their unit clean and not litter the grounds or common areas.To dispose of garbage and waste in a proper manner.To comply with local codes that affect the health or safety of the residence.To maintain their apartment and common areas in the same general physical condition as when they moved in.To report any defects in building systems, fixtures, appliances, or other parts of the unit, the grounds, or related facilities to the Housing Authority’s management office.Resident complaints/ grievances:All public housing residents have the right to request an informal grievance hearing. Upon the filing of a written request, a resident shall be entitled to a hearing before a Hearing Officer. A resident may file a request for any dispute which a resident may have with respect to the Housing Authority’s action or failure to act in accordance with the individual resident’s lease or Authority regulations which adversely affect the individual resident’s rights, duties, welfare or status.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities:Sometimes people with disabilities may need a reasonable accommodation in order to take full advantage of the Housing Authority’s housing programs and related services. When such accommodations are granted, they do not confer special treatment or advantage for the person with the disability, rather, they make the program accessible to them in a way that would otherwise not be possible due to their disability. Because disabilities are not always apparent, the Housing Authority will ensure that all applicants/tenants are aware of the opportunity to request reasonable accommodations. Anyone requesting an application   will  receive a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form and  Notifications of reexamination, inspection, appointment, or eviction will include information about requesting a reasonable accommodation.